Best Brands of Jeans for Short Women

When shopping for jeans, those on the shorter side should go for a fit that highlights all the right features and makes them look longer and leaner. Pair with wedges or pointy-toe heels to stretch legs out even more.

Skinny jeans and high-waist jeans are the best styles for short women. The high-waist gives the illusion that legs are longer than they really are creating that long and lean look. And skinny jeans create a snug fit which makes legs look shapely and visually lengthen legs. Some good brands to look out for are:

Heritage 1981: This brand makes slim fir jeans with a dark wash and a snug fit. The length of the jeans is perfect enough to be worn with flats and heels and the wear is extremely comfortable.

Just Sweet, select Macy’s stores: These jeans are in a short length so they do not overwhelm your frame as a boot cut might. They are available in a wide range of washes and you can dress them up or down. Wearing these with boots will add lots of dramatic height.

Fire Jeans, Nordstrom: Get these in dark blue or black. They will make your legs seem long and toned. And when paired with a funky print top and sequined flats you will really take your look up a notch!

Nikita Clothing, Zumiex stores: This brand makes jeans that are not in your usual dark blue and black. They are made in fun, jewel-toned colors and have a super-sliming fit. The zipper details at the bottom add a dimension of interest in the jeans. And bright colors will bring attention to your bottom half and play up your legs.

Uniqlo: This brand makes amazing, figure-flattering high-waist jeans. The wash is dark with slight “whiskering” details at the top create a nice effect. The legs are long and flared. They glide over heels giving the illusion that your legs are equally as long underneath. Pair these jeans with a fitted top, tucked in so that the focus is all on the jeans. Add suspenders from the waist and this will instantly create a vertical line that will make you look taller as well highlight your arms. You cannot go wrong with a pair of high-waist jeans.

When looking for jeans, take your time and find the best fit for you. Knowing what looks good on you is important as fashion is something that gives confidence and your style should be yours to create.