Rude behaviors can happen to anyone, and unfortunately, they happen everyday. A lot of people don’t even realize that as they’re doing so, whether it has to do with cell phones, interrupting, and other bad things in the public. And that’s not fair for others who are, in fact, more polite.

Everyone deserves to be treated properly. So to make that happen, people need to have respect for others. Wherever this would be, at work, school, or even at home, good manners are important for communication. These ten behaviors are very common and distracting, which should be avoided:

Cell phone usage

Nowadays, cell phones can be seen virtually anywhere. And unfortunately, they are often used during inappropriate times such as special visitations, classes, and meetings. Talking on your cell phone during a hospital visit to see an ill person is deemed disrespectful. It is the same way with students trying to sneak their phones in their book bags, so they could send text messages during classes and exams. Have the courage to shut your cell phone whenever you’re going to work, school, or other special visitations involving family time.

Interrupting people

Some people talk too often without listening. Speaking whenever someone else is speaking may show you have no interest in what that other person is saying. Listen and learn. Listening to what others have to say enables to get your question answered the way you want it answered.


Throwing trash on the ground, whether indoors or outdoors, means you have no respect for the environment. In many countries, there can be a fine issued to a person who drops an empty soda can at a city park. In addition, leaving your property on your home pathway can lead to trips and injuries. Use any available trash cans and toss trash in them. Pick up after yourself to leave a cleaner and safer environment.

Chewing food with mouth open

Restaurants aren’t only used for eating, they’re often used for socialization. As you eat, be sure you keep your mouth closed while eating. Avoid talking with food in your mouth. Also, don’t fill your mouth with too much food. Leave some room to allow proper chewing and avoid choking.


People who constantly arrive late to work, school, or meetings may have no interest whatsoever. It is especially embarrassing for a groom who arrives ten minutes late to his own wedding. Poplar excuses for people being late include oversleeping, last-minute errands, and heavy traffic. To prevent your tardiness, learn to plan ahead and stick with it. That will enable you to avoid any last-minute events you may rather participate in.


Stealing is indeed a serious crime which will result prison time. Sometimes people see valuables that don’t belong to them, and take them without asking. Shopping malls is a prime example where shoplifting can take place. Don’t steal something if you can’t afford it. And ask someone before you borrow or take something that don’t belong to you.

Loud talking

In situations where things need to be quiet, silence needs to be in order. Avoid talking too loud in areas where people are working or studying diligently. Libraries are created for studying and reading; visitors need to speak only with hushed tones.

Bad driving behavior

Some drivers drive too fast or erratically on highways, resulting in serious crashes. Some drivers honk their horns in sluggish traffic. Other drivers may decide to lean on their horns and yell “Hurry up!” just to get attention. In any event, they need to be patient and be cool. Follow all road signs, and be obedient to your law enforcement.


Aggressive fights can be observed anywhere: schools, stores, homes, neighborhoods, and even churches. Usually they involve disagreements that could always be resolved in a reasonable manner. Whether physical or verbal, fights do nothing but create disturbance. The best way to prevent behavior involving shouting or hitting is to resolve a solution in a calmly manner. Talk things over with someone else.


Cheating is another serious offense, especially in schools. During tests, it is also called plagiarism, as that offense can result in a failing grade or even dismissal from class. In any games where rules are given, abide by them, and learn to play responsibly. Cheaters will never win.

To keep the world at such a pleasant place to live in, people need to respect each other. Bad habits can be improved by practicing good habits. Think twice before you do something that’s considered rude. That will make other people and yourself proud.