Assessing the Polygamy Problem in the us

We’re watching Dr. Phil right now. He’d doing a show on the El Dorado polygamist sect Yearning for Zion.

Maybe it’s just me, but I absolutely loath these people. I loath the men for being so egotistical and shortsighted and narcissistic. I loath the women for allowing themselves to be used and degraded and allowing their children to be married off at puberty and tormented. Looking at them all right now, standing there watching the cameras and people go by, I can’t help but pity them. They are so brainwashed that they think bringing the children back into this environment would be the best thing for them. I hate them for this. In my head I keep saying “What kind of mother would permit this? What kind of father would do this? Why! Why in the name of any omnipotent being would this be allowed?”

I know you want your children back. But if they meant that much to you then you wouldn’t allow these atrocities to be done to them. I know some of you were born into this, that it’s all you know. But not anymore. There is an opportunity being presented here. By God or Cosmos or Greatest Conceivable Being or whatever you are being given the chance to GET OUT while you can. Maybe, maybe, if you really want the best for your children, you can take the chance and leave. Put on a pair of jeans and cut your hair and go to court. Get your kids back and bring them into the real world where a 40 year old man won’t be given your daughters virginity on a silver platter. Where your sons will learn how to be real men who can love women instead of use them.

The saddest part of this is that these children are going from one bad situation to another. Most of them are headed straight for foster homes, split from their brothers and sisters, the only family they have ever known and put with complete strangers for who knows how long. It is my most sincere wish that people will come forward to adopt these children. Give them loving, single or regular parent households. I urge those of us who have the means to take in a brother/sister pair and make contact with others who have their siblings. Arrange play dates, lunches, anything to help them stay connected before the foster system destroys what little hope the have left. Love them. Love them completely and utterly and try to understand what they have been through.

It’s not the children’s fault.

It’s not even really the women’s fault. Maybe the men’s but only a little more so. They were all born into this tragedy of sociological control and bred into acceptance and domestication. Who do you blame when this happens? The man who started the group? Do we blame the free will of those who choose to follow it? This whole situation is a cyclone of evil, of undeserved suffering in the moral sense. And when the twister has ended and the debris begins to be picked up, the cult will still be standing. They will pass of the children taken from them as now part of the wicked’ world and begin again. The men will dutifully lay their wives down and being to copulate and produce more children to continue their degradation of a religion.

I honestly wish there was some way to stop it. Something that could be done to eliminate this mindset. But it is always so much easier to follow than it is to find your own way. Believe. Believe in God or Buddah or Ganesh. But don’t let anyone else tell you HOW to believe or what God approves of or that you will be punished for natural feelings or for wearing a short skirt. Only your own heart can tell you that. Human intervention in the face of the divine is utterly meaningless.