A plus Sized Womans Guide to Wearing the new Skinny Jeans

Everywhere, from fashion magazines to seeing celebrities in the entertainment section of the news, depicts the biggest comeback for fall – skinny jeans. Don’t let the word skinny scare you off from wearing them. Many body types, including plus size women, can wear skinny jeans. The secret to look good with this must have into your wardrobe can be achieved with a few simple tips.

-Tunic It

To translate skinny jeans well for plus-sizes, add a shorter tunic top, particularly if you haves slim legs. Wear a long, colorful tunic-style top if you have a thicker midsection. Many women believe that if that they should camouflage their weight by wearing a larger size garment. A tunic that is too baggy will work against you and you will end up looking larger than you are. If you are very rounded, chose a tunic that flares out just slightly at the waist and stops about mid-thigh.

-Grow an Inch

If your legs are thick, wear knee-high boots with higher heels to add balance to your outfit. A pair of heels will be an asset and add a bit of height. The taller you are, the thinner you look.

-Stay Monochromatic with Color

Wear these jeans as if you were wearing this season’s other big trend; the legging. Try to stick with a monochromatic look from the waist down Yes, black is slimming and that holds true with skinny jeans. Avoid those with pockets and heavy stitching. The busy the jean, the larger one becomes. Simplicity holds the key for plus-size ladies and skinny jeans.

-Belt It

Another way as to not look bulky is to wear a belt with the tunic. If you have a small waist, this will definitely accent that feature. In fashion, always enhance the best.

-Follow You and Not Others

Plus-size models are models which are hired to represent the plus-size woman as the fashion industry would like you to believe depicts you. Be forewarned that the model is not the same as the average plus size American woman. These models may appear larger and are still very tall (5’8″ to 6’0″), with measurement of 34D/29/38 and wear a size 10.

Although they are a far cry from size zero or size two of many traditional runway models, have you ever noticed size 10 in the plus size department at a store? It is highly unlikely and doubtful that you have. So chose carefully.

-Be Sensible with Style

If you wear a size 22 and are over fifty, skinny jeans may not be the look for you. Be realistic because whatever is in vogue should not be worn by everyone, regardless of what the industry would like you to believe.