A Pear Shaped Womans Guide to Finding the right Jeans

If you look around at most of the popular women’s magazines, you would think that every woman in America is cellulite-free, six feet tall and about 120 pounds, with no hips, thighs, or tummies. The reality is, I can count one hand the number of females who fit that description and they’re all in high school. Women have curves. The key to looking beautiful is embracing those curves and dressing them accordingly.

As a six-foot tall pear, I know the trauma of shopping for jeans. Not only is my butt much bigger than my waist, but my inseam is 34″ – a real double-whammy. Here are a few things I have learned about finding a great pair of jeans:

1) Pleats are the devil’s spawn. They add volume to the place NOBODY wants (or needs) it.

2) Whoever invented the high waisted pant should be shot. Anyone even slightly bottom heavy looks like they are carrying a pregnancy in their back. It’s just not pretty. On the other hand, low-rise jeans can be a little scary as well if your proportions are significantly different between your waist and hips. The last thing you want to do is moon someone when you sit down. A mid-rise is flattering to every body shape.

3) All legs are not created equal. Mine happen to be long, which means I can get away with wearing flares. However, if you are petite, beware. Flares add breadth to the bottom half of the leg, but they also shorten it. A better choice would be a straight leg (not to be confused with taper) or moderate boot cut.

4) Light washes tend to make the leg look bigger. A dark wash creates a much more flattering silhouette.

5) The Gap has a style called “curvy” which is just that – curvy. It is cut more generously in the hips, which makes those of us with ample booty look fabulous!

6) Don’t be afraid of the tailor. If you find a pair of jeans that you love that fit your hips, but not your waist, have them taken in. It’s a fairly uncomplicated fix and worth it for a great fitting pair of pants.

7) Finally, if you are resistant to having alterations done, I would suggest you might want to buy a belt!