A Guide to Picking the right Purse

There’s an old, saying that it is virtually impossible to pick out a purse for a woman. This is pretty much true, since there are a lot of factors, concerning this accessory that are personal and specific to the individual carrying it.

What kind of purse you buy depends chiefly on whether this is going to be an everyday purse, or one that you are buying for a specific event, or as an accessory for a particular outfit.

If this is a purse that you are only going to be carrying when wearing one special article of clothing, then the main concern is generally the color. You are most often trying to find a color that matches the outfit, or accents it in some way.

Size and the material the purse is made of are important, but for an occasional purse, the main concern is normally how it looks with specific attire and what you will need it for.

Different size purses also work better for different size people. Shorter ladies look weighted down by large purses, while taller women overpower small purses.

Also keep in mind the convenience of carrying various styles of purses. Clutch bags are nice, but do not work well when you are carrying bags of groceries.

Obviously, size is not as important if you are only going to be using the purse for a special event, however, if this is going to be an everyday purse, size may be very important.

Most women carry any number of items with them every day. If you have an abundance of articles that you simply can’t be without, it may be a good idea to have a purse that is sectioned off in several compartments.

Normally these have several zippered compartments, a larger area for your billfold, and possibly a small compartment on the outside for a cell phone. If you are going to be carrying this purse often during the day, a shoulder strap bag is most comfortable, and safer in crowded areas.

The material you choose for your purse is a matter of individual taste. Cloth is popular, especially the denim look, however, for overall durability, leather is still the best choice.

Whatever choice you make when selecting a purse, keep in mind all the items that you normally carry, and can’t be without. After all, in the long run, that’s what purses were originally made for.