A Friend

A friend is someone you can hang out with and laugh, and sometimes even cry with. 

They have a way of picking you up when you are down and a way of letting you know they will support you in those decisions you have chosen to share with them. Maybe even giving you suggestions to help you with those decisions.

A friend understands that you have flaws just as they have them, and just like most have as well, but even still they like you or love you even for the person you are deep inside. Maybe the way you listen when no one else seems to listen to your thoughts, or maybe just their silly ways that always seem to make you enjoy their company.

Friends have a way of bringing the best out in you and that is because they are true friend and they wish you to be the best you can be. Even when your in a grumpy mood because your day has brought stress to you, they can always seem to find a way to bring a smile to your face and help you to realize we all have those days once in a while.

A friend has just the right way with words as not to insult you when they are giving you some advice they think will help you. Even if that advice is to say to you, “Hey you have a bit to much blush on”, or maybe to say, “You know you could do much better with another boyfriend.”  They do this because like they say some can see a better picture on the outside as well as because they are your friend and friends want to give you advice when they feel it is needed.

The times when some others turn away from you, that is the time you will suddenly feel a gentle touch on your shoulder and when you look up who else is standing there but your friend.  For they are the ones that don’t walk away during the times in your life when you need them the most.  Just as you being their friend would never do to them as well. 

A friend sees you from the inside out for this is what made them find being you a friend so easy. 

A friend is someone you can count on no matter what and hopefully if your one of the lucky ones, that friend will be in your life for a very very very long time.