1. One Thing at a Time Slow things down a bit. Life is stressful by default. There’s no reason you need to add to natural stress by trying to do a million things at one time. Make a list of what needs to get done and prioritize it. Mark off tasks as you complete them […]

Overview Carbon footprints measure the amount of carbon dioxide produced by activities of daily living. These include direct activities such as burning fuel when driving a car, or using electricity when heating your home. They also include more indirect activities such as eating and sleeping. Both people and organizations have a carbon footprint. Carbon Footprints […]

After a long day of feedings and diaper changes, it’s finally time to put your new bundle of joy down for the night. But there’s just one problem: you’ve been up for almost 20 hours and she just won’t go to sleep. Getting rest with a newborn is sometimes a struggle for new parents, but […]

Water ionizers come in a wide variety of sizes and are used to purify water, eliminating the growing amount of potentially hazardous chemicals that find their way into the drinking supply. Water ionizers work by scavenging for free radicals in the water, helping to prevent damage induced by hydrogen peroxide to our RNA and DNA […]

Overview Hair breakage is usually caused by the overuse of harsh commercial styling products, according to dermatologist Dr. Amy McMichael. Limiting your use of these chemicals is one way to avoid hair breakage and the hair loss that may occur from constant hair breakage. You can use other methods to help people avoid hair breakage […]

Maintaining a relationship is often a solution best sought internally, rather than externally. Understanding yourselves is the first step to understanding your partners. In one survey, specifically directed at those women who identify as lesbian, 30% said they were “Penis Pure and Proud”- having never had sex with a man. In that same poll, another […]

Gaydar, a term used for some people’s intuitive ability to detect other people’s propensity for being attracted to the same sex, is nothing more than a best guess. The term is meant to sound mechanical, like radar. But, radar is much more fool proof. In actuality, if a person is gay and has not sworn […]

So you’ve found yourself stuck in this place and you’re not quite sure what to do about it. You’re biologically or anatomically one gender, but mentally and psychologically you feel another. How can you tell your parents or your siblings about your conflicting feelings? I myself found myself in this spot and while it’s so […]

Is there a difference between waterproof running shoes and water-resistant running shoes? Yes there is, and the difference can be insignificant or substantial depending on your needs. On the surface the names sound as if they serve the same purpose, and they do to a point. But a closer look at the two will help […]

Zales is one of the most recognized brands in the jewelry industry. The giant that is now Zale Corporation began with a store called Zales Jewelers in Wichita Falls, Texasin 1924. The store was opened by Morris and William Zale and originally featured small appliances, cameras and cookware along with their jewelry inventory. The Zale […]