1. One Thing at a Time Slow things down a bit. Life is stressful by default. There’s no reason you need to add to natural stress by trying to do a million things at one time. Make a list of what needs to get done and prioritize it. Mark off tasks as you complete them […]

Overview Carbon footprints measure the amount of carbon dioxide produced by activities of daily living. These include direct activities such as burning fuel when driving a car, or using electricity when heating your home. They also include more indirect activities such as eating and sleeping. Both people and organizations have a carbon footprint. Carbon Footprints […]

After a long day of feedings and diaper changes, it’s finally time to put your new bundle of joy down for the night. But there’s just one problem: you’ve been up for almost 20 hours and she just won’t go to sleep. Getting rest with a newborn is sometimes a struggle for new parents, but […]

Water ionizers come in a wide variety of sizes and are used to purify water, eliminating the growing amount of potentially hazardous chemicals that find their way into the drinking supply. Water ionizers work by scavenging for free radicals in the water, helping to prevent damage induced by hydrogen peroxide to our RNA and DNA […]

Overview Hair breakage is usually caused by the overuse of harsh commercial styling products, according to dermatologist Dr. Amy McMichael. Limiting your use of these chemicals is one way to avoid hair breakage and the hair loss that may occur from constant hair breakage. You can use other methods to help people avoid hair breakage […]

Maintaining a relationship is often a solution best sought internally, rather than externally. Understanding yourselves is the first step to understanding your partners. In one survey, specifically directed at those women who identify as lesbian, 30% said they were “Penis Pure and Proud”- having never had sex with a man. In that same poll, another […]

Gaydar, a term used for some people’s intuitive ability to detect other people’s propensity for being attracted to the same sex, is nothing more than a best guess. The term is meant to sound mechanical, like radar. But, radar is much more fool proof. In actuality, if a person is gay and has not sworn […]

So you’ve found yourself stuck in this place and you’re not quite sure what to do about it. You’re biologically or anatomically one gender, but mentally and psychologically you feel another. How can you tell your parents or your siblings about your conflicting feelings? I myself found myself in this spot and while it’s so […]

Is there a difference between waterproof running shoes and water-resistant running shoes? Yes there is, and the difference can be insignificant or substantial depending on your needs. On the surface the names sound as if they serve the same purpose, and they do to a point. But a closer look at the two will help […]

Zales is one of the most recognized brands in the jewelry industry. The giant that is now Zale Corporation began with a store called Zales Jewelers in Wichita Falls, Texasin 1924. The store was opened by Morris and William Zale and originally featured small appliances, cameras and cookware along with their jewelry inventory. The Zale […]

It is important to know the correct ring size if you are getting a ring for yourself or someone else. Rings can be expensive and in some cases impossible to resize, thus you want to get it right the first time. There are several strategies that you can employ for finding your ring size. First […]

I feel much better buying man made diamonds, for a number of reasons. First of all, and most importantly, man made diamonds come without the many human rights conflicts tarnishing naturally occurring diamonds. Naturally occurring diamonds generally come from countries with dirty humanitarian records, and are mined by workers struggling to survive on far less […]

Bohemian or “Boho” jewellery has become a celebrity style staple. From Moroccan coin earrings , to Turquoise pendants or bracelets, these ethnically inspired jewels have a great following. Yet unfortunately , such highly prized trinkets often sport an equally high price tag. If you wish to find similar Boho Jewellery at a much lower price […]

The wind whips through your hair as you jog along a leaf-strewn path.  The scent of freedom tantalizes your senses as you race freely at a pace of almost flight.  Jogging is a wonderful activity that provides a fantastic form of exercise for people around the world.  You need little equipment, but one item is […]

What makes gays and lesbians a target for some people? I believe it’s just in some people’s nature to judge. It’s probably safe to say most self-appointed judges of gays and lesbians have little information about them and don’t really have a clue about how they live, their culture, or any other bits of information […]

For the past ten years skate shoes have been a complete obsession of mine. I may be too young, at 23, to remember their entrance into the world but with over thirty pairs neatly stacked (complete with pristine boxes), in my home and an unhealthy obsession for skate companies and supporters, I hope I qualify […]

Thoughts of suicide can enter your mind as early as childhood. Suicidal thoughts are particularly concerning among individuals ages of 15 to 35. According to the Centers for Disease Control, suicide is the third leading cause of death among individuals ages 15 to 24 and the second leading cause of death among 24- to 35-year-olds. […]

The generically named medications, phenylephrine and guaifenesin are combined into a number of medications marketed in the United States under many brand names, including Deconex DMX. Phenylephrine is a decongestant, which helps relieve nasal congestion. Guaifenesin is an expectorant that helps loosen phlegm to make it easy to expel. Deconex DMX and Deconex IR are […]

Overview Although Roth and Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts share certain tax advantages, they differ substantially in terms of contributions, withdrawals and IRS penalties. The concept behind all IRA accounts is similar, in that they are designed to be long-term, tax-advantaged savings accounts. However, with a Roth IRA, the primary tax benefits are recognized upon distribution, […]

Overview All states maintain laws that permit a parent, including a father, to gain custody of a child. These laws address not only obtaining custody in the first place, but also changing custody at a later point in time, according to the American Bar Association Section of Family Law. Despite some minor differences, the laws […]

A solar cell is a single photovoltaic unit that collects energy from light and converts it into electricity. Often assembled in arrays, called panels, solar cells can be used to power everything from a simple calculator to your home to the International Space Station. Solar cells come in several different types with varying levels of […]

Solar energy is the harnessing of the energy released by our solar system’s sun. The sun burns hydrogen at its core and releases energy in the forms of heat and light, which travel to the Earth. Solar energy technologies capture that energy and convert it into usable forms of energy. With advancements in technology, there […]

A long face is characterized by the fact that it appears much longer than it is wide. If you want to make a look face seem more oval, the sunglasses you wear can help in this pursuit. This is because some styles can make a long face seem shorter. However, also be aware that some […]

The dictionary definition of “popular” is to be regarded with “favor, approval or affection” by others. All of these things are sought after qualities, particularly in younger people whose reliance on their peers for acceptance is at the most acute of their entire lifetime. Popularity, however, is not a goal in itself, but should be […]

Would you bake a cake and leave off the frosting? If you just sling on your prom dress and sweep up your hair and think you’re ready to go, you’re only as ready as that unadorned cake. In fact, you’ll only be a clothes hanger like the faceless mannequin that held up the gown in […]

“A lot of people don’t realize that depression is an illness. I don’t wish it on anyone, but if they would know how it feels, I swear they would think twice before they just shrug it.”-Jonathan Davis People who suffer from depression have the worst sickness of all-and even though it isn’t necessarily contagious, it […]

A person being stalked or harassed can get a restraining court order. A parent or guardian can receive a restraining order for a minor child. Restraining orders are issued for protection, security and privacy, and do not require any former relationship between the parties. You should take certain steps to make sure the restraining order […]

Overview Football equipment or gear is needed by all football players to safely play this hard-hitting and violent game. This equipment is specifically designed to help players absorb hard hits from opponents. Equipment has changed dramatically through the generations from the soft leather helmets that were worn during the game’s infancy to the hard plastic […]

Sense and Insensitivity I have spent the past couple of weeks being very mopey and upset over the perception of a lost friendship. This person I know is going through a rough time and instead of seeking my counsel as has always been “our way,” they asked me to give them time to get through […]

Many otherwise-ecologically minded Americans have a dirty little secret—a stash of plastic bags from the stores they frequent. Although they weigh just a few grams and are just a few millimeters thick, the sheer number of them used each day around the world is an environmental hazard. The Worldwatch Institute reports that in 2002, factories […]